Bed sheet Caring

Cotton is a soft natural fibre that wears out over time. We have compiled some basic guidelines that will help your Naqsh bed sheets prolong their life providing you comfortable sleeps for a long time.

Wash Prior to First Use:

New sheets when manufactured have a crisp finish which will become softer after the first wash making them more comfortable to lie on.  Additionally it is important for the dyed sheets to rinse out the excess dying which will rinse out only after the first few washes.

Use Warm Gentle Machine Wash:

Using hot water to wash the bed sheets may break down the fiber causing it to wear out faster. Naqsh recommends to wash your sheets at 40 degrees on a gentle cycle. This setting is good enough to remove the dirt, body oil and the detergent residue. To your satisfaction, you can use the extra rinse cycle (if available) for removing the residue.

Use Mild Detergents:

Naqsh recommends to wash your sheets using mild diluted detergents that are free from brightening agents. Always read the recommendations on the detergent packing before its use.

Do not bleach:

Avoid contact of your sheets with all sort of bleaches specially chlorine bleaches and that containing Benzoyl Peroxide. These bleaches can not only discolor sheets and cause permanent stains but also tend to weaken the fiber with time.

Stains Removal:

The best way to remove the stains is to clean them as soon as they appear on your bed sheets, which may not be practical every time. For removing the stain, Naqsh recommends to gently soak your sheets, use a mild detergent (if the stain is hard) and wash it out with soft hands. Repeat the process until the desired results are obtained.

Fabric Softeners or Brightening Agents:

For Naqsh bed sheets there is no need for brightening agents or fabric softeners.

Wash Whites and Colors Separately:

It is best to wash the colors and whites separately. Although warm water washing may not make the bed sheets bleed color like hot water do, but color transfer can still happen.

Avoid Direct Sunlight when Drying:

Air drying is the best possible method to prolong the life of sheets but avoid drying under direct sunlight. Failing to do so may turn the fabric stiff.

If you’re planning to use the dryer then please avoid over drying and over loading. Over drying will cause shrinking, will weaken the fibers and develop wrinkles.  A better option is to tumble dry your bed sheets on low heat and shortest possible time.

No Need for Ironing:

Naqsh recommends to lay your sheets across your bed flat as soon as they are done drying. Or you can hang them over a rod and let the gravity do the work. These techniques help eliminating wrinkles without the use of iron.