Our Story!

It’s easy to fall in love with bedding. Our love with bed sheets started long time ago, it has been our trusted friend that literally always had our back.

When we started Naqsh, we very much undoubtedly knew how the customers were misled by the brands who made them pay for 800, 1000 thread counts when they were actually getting 180 -250 thread count sheets. It was at that moment when we decided that we will try our best to offer bedding products at the most accessible prices.

Our affection and sincerity with bedding has helped grow our idea fast. Naqsh is now a family more than a brand. Our customers are our family to whom we ought to provide the best quality using only the finest materials without the luxury mark-up.

Naqsh sheets are not mere pieces of fabric you sleep between. They say something to you, they are your partner. You will find color, quality and comfort in them.

Any customer who buys a Naqsh product becomes a part of charity since Naqsh donates a portion of profit on every product sold.

We grow with our family (you) and we are always striving our best to learn what you want and therefore always open for suggestions. You can drop us an email anytime at customercare@naqsh.com.au, we are always here for you.

Happy Shopping!