Percale Bed Sheets, My First Love!


Its 21°Celsius with 59% humidity when I am writing lying on a nice flower designed crispy percale bed sheet. The feeling of lying on a matt finished crispy and cool bed sheet, I Love It!


At Naqsh, we are famous for our crispy, amazing design high quality cotton bed sheets that are mostly Percale. Although Naqsh's bed sheets and quilt covers collection has gained huge popularity due to the designs and quality of the fabric, but since I jumped into the bedding industry Percale has been My First Choice.

From the past two months, customers have regularly been contacting me to discuss the reasons for preferring Percale bed sheets over any other fabric and the reasons why Percale has been my first choice. Well let’s discuss…

Percale Sheets:

The term Percale specifically refers to the type of weave used when cotton yarns are knitted together to design new bed sheets. Percale fabric is made with plane weaves in which vertical threads (warp) and horizontal threads (weft) cross over and under each other i.e. the traditional one thread over and one thread under. The threads this way are tightly woven which gives superior durability. Percale bed sheets utilize high quality long staple cotton and are more expensive than the standard short weave cotton bed sheets.

Naqsh Bed sheets - Queen Size Cotton Fitted Sheet Style: Dhoop Percale Fabric - One thread over & one thread under.

Now lets dig a little deep on "What made Percale among many, one of the Best Fabric".


Percale the Savior! - Solution to summer nightmares!

    I, like millions of people around the world, run hot and sweaty during the summer nights. Consequently, for years I experienced the feeling of waking up at midnight when my bed was turning hot and my Mom’s sateen bed sheet playing the role of catalyst for making my bed an oven.

    Naqsh Percale Bed sheets - the Savior for Summer nightmares.Summer nights on low quality bed sheets.

    But thanks to my interest in bedding which led me to opt for the option of Percale bed sheets and helped getting out of those summer night mares. Percale bed sheets being light in weight and breathable give a much cooler sleep experience, and really these bed sheets will remain to do so for the year round.

    That is why, for people whom summer is a night mare and feel their bed is an oven, Percale bed sheets remain and should remain the first choice.


    The Secret of Grandma’s Comfy Bed!

    I always wondered why my Grandmother’s Bed was so comfy? The secret was Percale bed sheets. The Percale woven method has been used for hundreds of years and most probably your Grandma did the same, the secret of a cooler crispy looking bed. Yes! She probably used the Percale Bed sheets to make her bed the most comfortable spot of your home. By the way I still love my Grandma’s bed; she still knows the tips and tricks of a nice clean looking bed.


    Superior Durability!

    The traditional way of weaving the percale sheets in a series of horizontal and vertical threads one at a time sets percale apart from any other fabric. This results in a tightly woven fabric which gives a different look, feel and superior durability to the bed sheets. Although I have had a practice to change my bed sheets every six months or so but rest assured, Percale bed sheets will stand up for years.


    5-Star Hotel Bed – the Unknown Reality!

    I have been fortunate enough to travel with my Dad during his assignments and usually stayed at high end hotels. The best part during those trips was the long night sleep on nice crispy hotel bed sheets. I always wondered what is that they do to achieve that crispy matt finish bed.

    Years after when I jumped into the bedding industry I found out the unknown reality of high end hotel bed sheets looking so nice. The answer is Percale ! The matt finish and the crisp feel is only attained using the Percale woven fabric bed sheets.


    Prone to Pilling – A Myth!

    The amazing myth about Percale is that “they are prone to pilling”. Pilling is the rough and scratchy look of your sheets when the tiny little balls of fabric appear on the surface of the bed sheets. Pilling happens for three reasons; first you are using low quality short staple cotton bed sheets. Secondly, excessive washing and third; laundering the bed sheets the wrong way.

    Bed sheets Pilling Bed sheet pilling - rough and scratchy.

    People who start using Percale bed sheets very soon realize that they are less prone to Pilling. Pilling is really not the case with Percale. The reason being that Percale sheets utilize long staple cotton which takes a much longer time for the threads to loosen up. And the more tightly the threads are woven the less fabric's tendency to pill. 

    Note: To avoid any sort of pilling try implementing procedures mentioned in the Naqsh Blog “Give Your Bed sheets the care they deserve


    Wrinkles Lessen with Time!

    Percale bed sheets are said to develop wrinkles. That is true to an extent.  Wrinkles in Percale sheets develop initially, but the fact is with regular use and proper laundering the fiber softens and wrinkles start to diminish. Percale bed sheets with repeated use and laundering will only become softer and less prone to wrinkles.

    To avoid wrinkles on any sheet, either percale or any other fabric, the best practice is to lay the bed sheet flat across your bed as soon as the sheets are done in the dryer. And now let them cool. You’ll be surprised to see the bed sheets looking ironed (Read the blog Give Your Bed sheets the care they deserve).


    Shiny Appearance - Sateen the Choice!

    If you are only looking for a shiny appearance then Percale sheet is probably not your choice. Percale fabric is woven in a way that results in a crisp matt finish. For shiny looking bed sheets Sateen is the best option. Sateen weave has three threads (sometimes four) over and one under which gives the fabric a lustrous look and a shiny finish.


    So here are the top reasons of My Preference and My First Love, and among many, the best fabric when choosing bed sheets - Percale! 

    If you love high quality crisp sheets, you’ll definitely fall for Naqsh bed sheets offers. Naqsh bed sheets due to the designs and quality have gained popularity and a great customer response and will remain to do so by providing quality bed sheets for an amazingly relaxing sleep.



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