Give Your Bed Sheets the Care they Deserve!

Your bed probably is the most comfortable spot in your home. A place where you rest and relax. The interesting fact is you spend one third of your life on your bed, which means the bed sheet racks up a huge collection of sweat, body oil, dirt and even dead skin cells.


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Sleeping on a dirty sheet means you are not sleeping alone, you are sleeping with bacteria, allergens and fluids. So how often should you be washing away those dirty sheets? And what's the best way to do so? Let’s take a look at the five most important factors to consider while washing your sheets.


1. Bed sheet Fibers Deserve a Long Life!

Bed sheets are your partner.  Sleeping on a sheet that is of quality plays a massive role on your health. The quality of the sheet is dependent on how strongly the fiber is bonded together.

  Bed sheet Fiber


While washing the sheets, Even though many people think using hot water will make them cleaner but that's not the case, hot temperatures will not only break down the fibers but will wear out the fabric much faster causing the sheets to wear off more quickly. Therefore you need to use cool or warm water to wash your sheets.

Secondly, Cotton Shrinks! Yes! Pure cotton will shrink when exposed to high temperatures. So unless and until you really have an oversized cotton sheet that you really want to shrink, avoid washing it with hot waters.


2. Receive a note of THANKS from your Sheets!

Please! Put that Towel back and don't dump it in the washer with the Sheet. Towels and Sheets never loved each other and they never will. And if you still do that, the tiny little lint balls of towel will stick on those beautiful colored sheets and ruin them. Additionally, the friction that will be caused in the dryer will also reduce the life of bed sheets.

 Washing and Cleaning Bed sheets


Washing the sheets separately will give them more room to circulate water making them cleaner. So please try to receive a "Thank you" message from the sheets by washing them separately from towels or other clothing.


3. Wrinkle Free Drying!

You like your sheets to be smooth and wrinkle free. But you are the one who hates ironing.

Ironing Bed sheets


Luckily you can avoid wrinkles without the use of iron. As soon as the sheets are done in the dryer, all you need to do is lay them across your bed flat and let them cool.  You will be surprised to see the sheets looking ironed, although you haven’t actually ironed them.

 Naqsh Ironed Bed Sheet Sets


Remember! Two very common mistakes to avoid. First, never leave your bed sheets in the washer. The spinning in the washer will cause the sheets to suck against the walls, which will allow the wrinkles to set.

And secondly make sure to not over dry the sheets. Over drying is an open invitation to wrinkles.


4. Become a Smart Manager, Keep the Freshness Alive!

It’s a wonderful idea to have three bed sheets sets for each bed.  Rotating three sets is the best thing to do.


Smart Bed sheets Set Management


First, you will always have a clean set ready to go on bed. Secondly, nothing can match the everlasting freshness of those clean sheets. There's nothing in this world that feels quite like climbing into a clean set of sheets. Thirdly, you can breathe calmly. What? Yes, that’s true. According to a research clean bed sheets reduce the amount of allergens in the air favoring a better environment for humans to breath. And lastly, you extend the lifespan of bedsheets.

So what’s the wait? Manage your bed sheets smartly to keep that clean & fresh feel in your beds alive.


5. Harsh Detergent

The lesser the detergent you use, the better off your sheets will be. People prefer to use brighteners or cleaners. That isn’t a good idea. Bleaches, detergents or cleaners all weaken the fiber ultimately shortening the lifespan of your sheet.

The interesting thing to note is that if you are washing your sheets regularly you won’t need these stuff, especially the brighteners. Your bed sheets will remain fresh, clean and bright if you manage and wash them the right way.

If there are spots or stains, pre-treating them is a good way to make sure the stains are removed. Additionally a baby detergent proves to be a good product for bed sheet cleaning that’ll not only extend the life of your sheets but also provide a pleasant smell.


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