Beds and Sheets - Size Guide

Manufacturers all around the world whether in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK or Europe all seem to have different sizes when it comes to bedding products. So it makes difficult for every one when they find bed or bed sheets sizes quite unfamiliar.


Amelia writes:

 “When I, for the first time went to buy bed, I was surprised to see how many different sizes there were. I had no idea about the sizes. However, with the help of the salesman, who helped me understand the differences between Queen, King etc., I was finally able to take home a queen size mattress. A few years later we moved abroad. Apart from the different culture and environment, the one thing that was too different was the bed size. I was astonished to see how widely the bed sizes varied. Things became worse for me when I had to select the right size bed sheet for the mattress. I realized how hard it is to match the bed sheet size with the mattress if you don’t exactly know what is a Queen Fitted sheet or King Flat sheet…..”


So knowing the varying dimension of mattresses and bed sheets used in different parts of the world would certainly help when buying bed / bed sheets, especially if you are moving from one country to another. Let’s take a look at the most common mattress and their matched bed sheets sizes used in different parts of the world.

In the following tables you will find the most common mattress dimensions and the corresponding bed sheet sizes that work best with each of them.


   Mattress / Bed Sizes:



  Fitted Sheets:

Bed Sheets Sizes (Fitted Sheets)



  Flat Sheets:

Bed Sheets Sizes (Flat Sheets)



Bed / Bed Sheets Sizes

Note: All the bed / bed sheets sizes mentioned in this article are for guidance only. Sizes may vary depending on the Manufacturer. 





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